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The UNIMED Petition for a Mediterranean Erasmus Generation published in “Bridging the Sea”

The digital publication Bridging the Sea carried out by the Med Dialogue for Rights and Equality on the last ‘Networks Mapping research’ is finally out!

The publication aims to draw general lessons and propose strategic orientations for civil society work in the Euro-med space. Among others, the UNIMED Petition for a Mediterranean Erasmus Generation has been selected as a good practice for the section Regional Advocacy.

The programme Med Dialogue for Rights and Equality , a 3 years EU-funded Technical Assistance Programme (2019-2022) has the overall objective to strengthen the role of CSOs active at the regional scale, in building sustainable development, regional cohesion and resilience, as well as in influencing policy-making in the Southern Neighborhood and the Euro- Mediterranean Space at large.

To achieve the ambitious goal of integration in the Mediterranean, it is easy to understand the importance of exchanges between universities and hence the value of the Erasmus+ programme23 as a catalyst for international cooperation. More and more often we talk about how the push for mobility in Europe has favoured the emergence of a real transnational generation, the socalled Erasmus Generation. In light of the already evident results of this boost in exchanges, UNIMED is firmly committed to expanding this experience with the universities of the southern shore of the Mediterranean; now a strong priority on UNIMED’s agenda.

Please check the full publication on the following link: https://meddialogue.eu/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/Publication-Bridging-the-sea.pdf

Moreover, Bridging the Sea will be translated in Arabic in the course of this coming Spring. Stay tuned!