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UNIMED endorses the Manifesto on expanding refugee tertiary education pathways in Europe

Photo of university students sitting in a row in a lecture hall.

At the occasion of the international conference on tertiary education pathways for refugees taking place at the University of Bologna on  10-11 March 2022,  participants  and engaged stakeholders express their commitment to  work towards  common advocacy, strategies and design of operational frameworks to further expand and create higher education pathways  for refugees in Europe,  building on successful examples, such as the Italian UNICORE programme, the German DAAD Leadership for Syria and Africa and the Student Refugee Program (SRP) in Canada managed by WUSC.

As a result, the University of Bologna, ICMC SHARE network, Caritas Italiana and Consorzio Communitas, in cooperation with WUSC,the Global Task Force on Third Country Education Pathways and UNHCR launched the Manifesto on expanding refugee tertiary education pathways in Europe.

All signatory organisations express their commitment to work towards a platform for structured multi-stakeholder exchange, cooperation, and networking, creating synergies with the work of the Global Taskforce on Third Country Education Pathways.

The platform will be composed of trans-sectoral, multi-stakeholder approaches, engaging representatives of states, international and regional organizations, universities and higher education institutes, NGOs, cities and regions, student and citizen groups, the private sector and other interested stakeholders.

It will work to develop common advocacy, strategies and operational frameworks to expand tertiary education opportunities as a durable solution for refugee students. Jointly signatories will commit to creating a welcoming and enabling environments for refugee students, acknowledging the many resources and talents that refugees bring and to change an often toxic narrative around migration.

The platform will commit to ensuring the Minimum Standards for Complementary Education Pathways in areas of protection and safeguarding, applications and admissions, funding, integration and psycho-social support.

HERE you can find further information on the Manifesto, where it builds upon, what role every kind of stakeholder can play, how, and when.

UNIMED strongly believes in the Manifesto’s principle and warmly encourage its member university to do the same.