Sharing knowledge across the Mediterranean

UNIMED Learn is an online learning space where UNIMED members and projects can publish their open content, open courses, and educational resources. It is Moodle based and provides tools for authoring, collaboration, and interaction.
The learning space currently supports a community of +3000 learners of all ages, and it is a home for a growing variety of online courses produced throughout the activities of the network, covering a wide range of domains like intercultural studies, digital education, journalism, governance in higher education.

The UNIMED learning space was launched in 2019, and it reflects the priority of UNIMED of opening up learning opportunities for every student and citizen from the Mediterranean basin and beyond.
Get involved! Whether you are interested in building your own course on UNIMED Learn, or you would like to add your open course or open educational resources to our collection, please contact learn@uni-med.net

UNIMED Learn is openly available at: https://learn.uni-med.net/