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UNIMED SubNetwork on Climate and Environmental Change has been officially launched!

(Rome, July 2020) UNIMED SubNetworks are growing!

UNIMED has, in fact, recently launched its new SubNetwork on Climate and Environmental Change gathering university departments, researchers and experts from both shores of the Mediterranean in order to share and exchange knowledge on Climate and Environmental Change related topics.

The SubNetwork “Climate and Environmental Change” aims to connect the main actors involved in the topic, promote synergies, knowledge-exchange and partnerships among the involved Universities, support policy dialogue and strengthen consultation in the Mediterranean. At the same time, it aims to engage universities with research centers, public administrations, private companies and NGO’s working in this field to develop and share initiatives and projects.

Through the promotion of a regional and cross-cutting cooperation between the two shores of the Mediterranean, the SubNetwork has the objective to create new partnerships and develop joint projects related to climate and environmental change, to support Universities in the definition of key competences and learning program’s related to the topic and to increase the awareness and understanding of the risk associated to climate and environmental change.

You can find further information on the main objectives of the UNIMED SubNetwork on Climate and Environmental Change here.

Participation to the SubNetwork is limited to UNIMED associated universities.

Shall you be interested in joining the SubNetwork, please send a confirmation of interest to unimed@uni-med.net.