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Viajeo Plus Gothenburg City Showcase held on May 2014

In the framework of the FP7 Viajeo Plus project, on 12-14 May 2014, the Gothenburg City Showcase was held in Gothenburg, Sweden.
It consisted of interactive site visits of innovative urban mobility and logistics solutions, workshops and meetings to allow stakeholders to gain first-hand experience of innovative solutions, exchange knowledge, share information.
The meeting was attended by city representatives, policy makers, technology providers and researchers from Europe, Latin America, China and Singapore.
During the three-day event, nine showcases, covering five topics,
were selected for the event.
These showcases represented the most advanced achievements of urban transport and mobility in Europe:
Topic 1:
Efficient mobility management,
showcase: Gothenburg Traffic Control Centre; 
Topic 2:
Deployment of clean vehicle solution,
showcases Hybrid Buses in Operation;
ElectriCITY bus – fully electric public transport
Topic 3: Innovative Public Transport Solution, showcase: BRT-Lite 
Topic 4: Sustainable urban logistics solutions,
showcase: City Delivery Concept –“Stadsleveransen” ; Collaborative city distribution, high capacity inter-urban regional, distribution with Due-Trailer; Micro-terminal concept at Campus Lindholmen 
Topic 5: Others,
showcase:Transport Planning E “Älvrummet” – an arena for debate on urban development 
For further information on the Gothenburg Showcase, please find the report.