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“When you can’t go back” screening at Tampere University

The series of screening of the documentary film “When you can’t go back” in UNIMED associated universities has been inaugurated by Tampere University on February 14th.

The screening inspired a very interesting panel discussion focusing on the issues of scholars at risk, in particular the experiences of two Turkish senior academics who had to flee their home country after signing a petition to end the violence against the Kurds in the Eastern parts of the country and the personal perspective of an Iranian student, who is able to lead quite a different life in Finland and cover it in the social media but cannot return to Iran to reunite with her family because of her public image in Finland.

Here below one picture of two of the panellists (on the left hand side Dr. Anitta Kynsilehto and on the right hand side Prof. Meyda Yeğenoğlu).


The documentary film by the Italian filmmaker Leonardo Cinieri Lombroso narrates the true story of Obaida, a Syrian Computer Engineering student that leaves his troubled land to start a new life in Europe. Obaida’s story is tragically iconic of lives of hundreds of refugees that are forced to cross national boundaries and who cannot return home safely, but that find new opportunities thanks to the help of universities that offer a new access to study.

Themes as scholarships, integration, right to education and mobility are crucial topics of the documentary that turn it into a unique tool to enlighten them in such an expressive way as any verbal lesson or written issue could not.

UNIMED, as official sponsor of this project, offers the possibility to screen the documentary in your university, suggesting different options and the possibility to meet the director. Here you will find further details.

The original movie is in English, Italian and Arabic. Subtitles in English and Italian are available.

If you are interested in screening the documentary at your institution, please express your interest by sending an e-mail to unimed@uni-med.net suggesting the approximate date when the projection could be organized.