June 9, 2023

Mental Health in Euro-Mediterranean Universities: Challenges and Response. Deadline extended to contribute to the survey: 14 July 2023


A survey by Al-Fanar Media and UNIMED addressed to students and staff from Euro-Mediterranean Higher Education Institutions

Among the activities to be developed in the framework of their Partnership Agreement, Al-Fanar Media and UNIMED have the ambition to explore and investigate academic issues relevant for their networks and for the whole Euro-Mediterranean region.

To start this joint path, the two organisations have agreed to focus the first survey on mental health issues, the way they are perceived in the Euro-Mediterranean countries and how they are treated within the Higher Education Institutions of the region, also taking into account the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Two separate polls have been developed, one addressing the students, to collect their experience vis-à-vis mental health issues and the support they got/can get from their university, and the other one addressed to the academic and administrative staff of Higher Education Institutions to gather information about the services they provide and how they work.

The analysis of the data collected will serve as a basis for a series of dedicated stories on Al-Fanar Media and to explore further actions that the two organisations could develop together to contribute to improve the current situation and the academic community well-being.

The survey for the students is available here.

The survey for the academic and administrative staff is available here.

Deadline to fill the surveys in: June 9th, 2023 Extended up to July 14th, 2023

Cover picture Manfred Steger from Pixabay