October 25, 2023 

New report: Visual Media Literacy in Europe


The Report on Visual Media Literacy in Europe was created by the partners on the CLIP project, and edited by research staff at IULM University, with significant contributions made by expert interviewees in visual studies.

In an age dominated by visual media across various platforms, the report offers insights into the profound impact of images on contemporary culture and the need for visual literacy education. This study explores how visual media has redefined education, and advocates for the incorporation of visual literacy into educational curricula, emphasising its importance for critical thinking, social and intercultural competencies, and effective communication skills. The study recognises the crucial role of universities in countering misinformation, reducing bias in visual representations, and promoting media and visual literacy.

The report is of interest to a broad audience, from educators and policymakers to media professionals, students, and the general public. It highlights the critical importance of visual literacy in the digital age and offers insights into how various stakeholders can contribute to a more visually literate society.

The report on Visual Media Literacy in Europe is publicly available at the following URL: https://zenodo.org/records/10021764